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covid-19 update

Corona Virus 19

Update on Corona Virus 19 To all my valued clients It has been a difficult and confusing time for everyone over the last few weeks with the onset of COVID19.  Up till this time I have kept the clinic open with modification to our daily
the six evils blog

The Six Evils

Understanding how nature influences Chinese Medicine diagnosis Ok, so this does sound a bit ominous, but in Chinese Medicine (CM), one of the causes of disease relates to external pathogenic factors that enter our bodies. These are heat, cold, wind, damp, dry and summer heat.
hello spring blog

Hello Spring

Put some spring in your step - with Chinese Medicine SPRING heralds the promise of warm days, new beginnings, rejuvenation, new regimes and healthy eating. From a Chinese Medicine point of view Spring is about the Wood element which is associated with the Liver and